Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday-Thursday.  13July-14 July 2011.

Early Wednesday morning our Satellite phone made a noise!  It was ringing!  For the first time someone was calling us!  Michelle from Yacht Grainedo  was on the line,  and we exchanged positions and with them one day behind us,   we decided to stay in constant contact,  while they will be creeping closer with their 50ft yacht.  The screecher is out and in the light winds  (10-15 knots)  and with the strong current,  sometimes between 3 and 3 knots,  but I think averaging about 2,5-3 knots constantly,  Catlyn was showing off.   Late afternoon  a huge Dorado grabbed one of our lures,  and again we had to photo and release it! 

 It is always much nicer to hold this shiny and slippery  for a while and then releasing it into the ocean,  and to watch it for a while,  slightly disorientated staying with the boat,  and the disappear into the deep safety of the dark water.

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