Thursday, July 28, 2011

Monday-Tuesday.  11July-12 July 2011.

Exhausted after a very busy night we had a big `boere` breakfast with our own version of `pap` (porridge) with the Brazilian fahrina de milho,  and our Skipper hoped that a well fed crew is a happy crew.  Marco had his sea legs back!  While swinging around on the fore deck he spotted some dolphins.  Huge bottlenose dolphins were entertaining us!  We`ve seen many dolphins before while crossing the Atlantic and sailing the West Coast of South-Africa,   but never like this!  Watch the video Joe will put on the blog soon,   and you can share a little bit of this wonder with us. Ten majestic sea beings shared their being alive with us…thank you!   They were jumping,   rolling and turning,    and it made me wonder who is training who in those Aquarium shows we see?

With our spirits so high,   Joe caught a yellow fin tuna,   and while still busy with the first one the second one grabbed the lure.  Marco pulled in the second one for a photo and release.  Now we were on a serious protein diet!   ( Thank  goodness we haven`t heard about cholesterol on this boat.)  We were preparing the sails for another busy night at sea,   with the heavy cumulus clouds lurking around us.

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