Thursday, July 28, 2011

Monday. 19 July 2011.

Big mistake!  I was in the shower and Johan switched on the water maker.  How can you make such a fatal mistake?  I could hear the water pumping into the tanks,   filling them,   and I sneaked out to get all the linen in the boat,   and between me and the Little Wonder,   we composed a duet!  Gluck-gluck the Little Wonder sang,   and wishy- washy my hands slipped over the sheets…   Soon the whole boat was hanged full of clean sheets billowing in the almost non- existent breeze.  To share my gratitude for the water I tried to spread the sheets,   helping the screecher to make use of the little wind.  Marco enjoyed the shelters,   using them in their make-believe world-of swords.  And we decided to have lunch,   pasta with prawns,   in this shade,   with the smell of freshness drying in the sun.

We spotted Grainedo on the radar,   and soon the yacht was visible.  Our friends were getting closer,   and we enjoyed the company of a known yacht sailing with us,   about 2nm apart.  The boys were looking forward to swim in this warm water,   and building their lego`s again. 

A couple of fishing boats were around,   and we could see the tuna jumping out of the water, chasing after little fish.  We were hoping for another catch,   but we were not so lucky.  The other day we lost a very big fish,   and Marco`s hands are still showing the burns of the gut. When a small man lost a very big fish,   looking at a huge silver body jumping out of the water,   somewhere,   sometime the score must be settled.

It is our last night at sea.  Tomorrow we will anchor at French Guinea.

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