Thursday, July 7, 2011

Saying good bye to Brazil!

We started with the big thing again.  Shopping and shopping and packing everything safely away for the long journey.  We took the bus to the huge Bompreco Hyper.  It was a very fast bus, with a very fast driver and while it was pouring and the road was soaking wet we swerved through the traffic,  and I just sat back and relaxed...  What is there to do,  when you are totally not in control?  Sit back,  relax and let it be!  We arrived safely,  and we started filling the trolley with food for the crew,  because we are going to be on our way soon!

Johan and I took the train to Cabadelo,  to the Port Captain.  When we arrived there,  they asked us for copies of some of our documents.  Of course we didn`t have copies,  because previously all the other Ports had a copier machine.   They waved us away to go and make copies somewhere out in the pouring rain.  It is not that easy,  and you can`t just walk to the nearest Postnet, or CNA.  Searching for anything that looks like a copy shop,  I saw a girl sitting in a little shop with a desk, and on the desk was a printer or something.  I asked:  Copy?  She waved: Nao!  But when my wet face fell and I signalled her where to go,  she took pity on me,  and used her own machine and fixed us up with all the copies we needed.  No charge!  She didn`t want to accept any money,  and we knew,  an angel smiled on us!

On our return we decided to lift  anchor and to drop it right infront of the restaurants,  who were busy preparing for sunset and were waiting for the legendary sounds of the saxophone!

 But we decided that this is a memory to be shared, and we went over with the dinghy inviting everyone who were on their yachts to join us for peanuts and drinks.  The two South-African couples,  the French family and the Dutch couple joined us for a never ending evening...

We are planning to sail away tomorrow to the all I can say,  We will watch the wind and watch the sea and then decide where our next destination will be.  So I will be back in a week or so!

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