Thursday, July 28, 2011

Saturday –Sunday.   09 July-10 July 2011.

Catlyn had enough!  She lifted her anchor an hour before we planned to leave and we were dragging!  Our Skipper still had a couple of earthbound emails to send,   and we tried as best we could to stall her departure.  Within another hour her crew was also ready and we were off.  We waved to our French friends,   who are planning to follow us tomorrow.   With the genoa out we sailed off the coast.  The sea was very choppy and we were in for a ride.  Across from Natal a lot of small fishing boats were floating around with their lanterns only an orangey glow in the darkness.
After our first rolley night we were blessed with a 12kg Wahoo and we knew we had to make space in the freezer very quickly for all this fish.

Johan stocked up on proteins for our journey,   but nothing is going to keep us from eating away some space in the freezer.  Marco and I had a queasy ride and he slept most of the day.  Things didn`t get any better for me,  but when night came the two men had such a great time sailing Catlyn in a good wind blowing.  We were hit by heavy squalls and big swells every now and then and Catlyn set her new record speed at 14,7 knots!

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