Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ile de Royale

So much for my idea of staying without food on the island while we are exploring! After Marco tried to climb the palm trees, still wanting to get his mom a coconut, Joe and Marco started throwing rocks at them. It seemed like an easier option than climbing those long trunks. A big coconut came down, and it was the beginning of war against them. Johan joined in the fun, and soon we were sipping potassium loaded juice! Nectar from heaven. We stacked our bag with 3 more to chill in the fridge.

But we weren`t alone. Little squirrel monkeys joined us, and soon Johan cut open the coconuts for them and they dipped their little heads in them and sipped the juice and ate the white soft flesh. We shared our food with this little animals.

Little rodent like creatures, with long legs like a little deer, were walking in the forest, looking for food. Only later we found out, they are agouties.

Four hours later we decided to turn around and go back home, and leave the rest of the exploring for the next couple of days. The rest of the afternoon we spent swimming and laying under our Moroccan tent, escaping from the heat and sun.

Link for more information on Islands : Iles du Salut

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Janlie said...

Wish could join in war!!!!miss you xoxoxo