Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Joao Pessoa

We have a new town to explore!  The previous evening we heard a little bit about it from the other yachties,  but with very poor internet for further investigation,  we were filled with excitement.  We heard about bus and / or train transport and of course our own two feet,  in flip flops and by now so used to walking and walking.  When we reached the bus stop we only knew that the area we walked from is Jacare,  and the city in the area is Joao Pessoa.  The first bus stopped and we decided to get onto it and see where it goes.  In Salvador we embarked the busses at the back,  but over here to our surprise we had to hurry to the front to pay the conducter.  2.1 Reals per person and a tour around town!  The thrill of the unknown reached our bones and we were giggling like naughty children.  After a long ride with people getting on and off, except us,  the driver got curious and called our Capitaine,  who informed him that we don`t know where we are going but we are enjoying the ride.  He immediately worried about us,  and started making plans for us.  Why don`t you guys go to the beaches?  And so we went to the white beaches with another bus.  We saw the first kite surfers while in Brazil,  and the strong wind reminded us of Cape Town. Although the waves didn`t,  and the poor surfers were waiting in vain.

On our way back to Jacare we met a lot of donkeys grazing,  and some waiting to do a hard days work of recycling and Marco  gave it a little hug of appreciation.
Take away lunch was braai flat chicken @ 10 Reals,  with a local yellow crumby dressing - delicious-  and Johan bought something for the thirst! 

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