Thursday, January 26, 2012

Apollo Motorhome

Johan and Joe drove in with this huge Apollo Motorhome! So much for our nomadic lifestyle! From our Yacht all over the Blue to the most beautiful house in Auckland to a big house on wheels, 8,5ft wide and 12ft high and five beds to sleep. Keeping a bed for Jaco, our son in Florida.

I nearly lost my breath when this huge motorhome entered the parking area for the hotel. But getting used to every day a new adventure in my life, I started packing and organize our stuff into this monster. Very slowly we entered the traffic, on the wrong side of the road as well, and I take my hat off to my Skipper, remembering port and starboard so quickly. The shopping was a delight, without having to get into a dinghy, getting wet and negiotiate foreign languages, we just parked in the parking area of a big chain Ralphs, and we could shop to our delight. The prices for a change was so reasonable. No more did we pay 1US$ an apple, but 1US$ for an one pound bag! Especially the frozen quick meals were so cheap, even better priced than in our own country, and I am not even going to mention the great quality. Believe it or not, I found red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from Argentinia for less than 2US$!

Malibu is the place for us to be! We found a RV Camp, Malibu Beach RV Park,

 and after a walk on the beach Joe found some charcoal for 6US$, and soon the T-bones were sizzling on the fire. The first proper T-bones since leaving South Africa for about 8US$ / kg. But it wasn`t all there was, Johan bought some maize meal in Ralphs, and we had real South-African ‘pap’ for dinner with a tomatoe salsa sauce. South African barbeque around the corner of Hollywood !!!!

The next day we spend driving down the famous Mullholland drive, and Marco was searching for celebrities all the way! Luckily some of the beautiful mansions were built high up the hills, so we could rub shoulders with the rich and the famous! So much for recession in the USA! I`ve never seen so many Mercedes, Porche or Corvettes in my life! Just picture our huge motorhome among these beautiful cars during pick up time at all the private schools along the way!

View down the valley from Mulholland Drive

We ended the day in Zuma Beach, and missed our country for a second. We drove home, only to swop beds with Joe, for a harder mattress, but it was on the top!

Zuma Beach on the South Pacific Highway

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