Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snow boarding at Big Bear Mountain Resorts.

We had two very excited boys in the RV. They were booked for snow board lessons at the Big Bear Mountain Resort, a whole four hours for the day! Dressed with three quarters of the clothes in their bags, they completed all the forms and Dad paid via internet to qualify for a discounted price.

 Marco went to the Little Bears for little people learning to ski from 4 to 12 years.

 Joe joined the group with the three beautiful girls, and I just hoped that he will concentrate on the thing on his feet as well.

I was amazed at how efficient the staff was, and even more impressed when I saw the visually and hearing impaired people, assisted by their guides enjoying the day skiing. Even paraplegic people are skiing, sharing in the snowy fun.

I know Joe is going to write a blog about his day, but although my poor feet were frozen, I could see them having the best day ever. Soon Marco was skiing down the slope, and Joe surprised me coming down a big one! The day flew past, and the two went up the lifts to higher slopes and like pro`s, they snow board down for a photo.

I watched young and old, very old skiing in this mountain, and I knew, I will do this some time too.

While we were parked at the foot of the mountain, our neighbours, Popco and Garcia assured us, that we were at the right place at the right time for a great time on the snow. The sun was shining and the icy cold wind burnt our faces and our lips. it was worse than the Caribbean sun!

Late afternoon we succeeded getting Joe and Marco out of their rented gear, and after a drink at the Beach Bar, yes can you believe it, far away from any beach, we were back in our RV, with the wet clothes on the dash board to our new destination!

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Janlie said...

sjoe mom lyk weird om jou met soveel klere aan te sien....en markie kan nie glo jy so groot geword!!!!!