Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our last day

We were all exhausted after a rough night, and we tried to take a nap here and there, but we were too excited and our eyes kept searching the horizon for land. It was a grey day, and the visibility was poor and it was as if New Zealand didn`t want to share her beauty with us yet! Marco and Peter played chess and cards to keep them busy, and Johan and I started emptying the freezer and fridge to see what else we have to eat before the quarantine people come aboard to confiscate it all. For the past three days we were giving it a good go, eating all the meats and dairy and beans and all the green stuff! The boys were happy to get the two cans of condensed milk!

The wind dropped a bit, but we were still doing very well. We radioed Maritime NZ about our arrival, and we hope to sail into Opua around seven o clock, just after sun set.

Peter was keen on losing a bit of pre-X-mas indulgence, but he definitely joined the wrong crew!

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