Monday, January 9, 2012


We had shore power, and fresh water, and the hot water cylinder was boiling my water for a long shower! I thought we were going to be exhausted, but we hopped onto the ferry, heading for the CBD. The boys wanted to go to the movies, the first in more than a year, and the 3D IMAX theatres entertained them with Happy Feet! We were shocked paying 33 New Zealand dollars for the two tickets!

 Johan and I needed some alone time, and we found the most beautiful little Korean restaurant, for a romantic dinner celebrating our wonderful journey, and all the birthdays and all the anniversaries that we sailed by!

You won`t believe this. Andando didn`t make a single move, she enjoyed being strapped up, not trying her best to keep everyone safe. And as I was laying in my bed, I just couldn`t fall asleep. There was no movement at all! Andando wasn`t rocking me to sleep! And after a while, I needed the movement, I slowly rocked myself to sleep…

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