Monday, January 9, 2012

My girly day!

I caught myself fantasizing some times on the ocean! Fantasizing about my body being smoothed and feeling so soft. I imagined myself being pampered and sometimes I could smell the vanilla, the cinnamon and I could feel the warmth of the cloth being wrapped around me…. I imagined myself slipping on a pair of beautiful high heels stretching my calves, wearing a sleeky velvet dress, and my clean groomed hair falling over my shoulders…

And it all came true! I was ferried across the bay to Auckland. My stomach was filled with little butterflies. When was the last time, I left the boat without the rest of my family? When was the last time I used a credit card, and carried a handbag? When was the last time I sat across a girlfriend, talking about girly things and not sailing stuff? Will I remember how?

A silver sexy car was waiting for me on the other side, and Carole whisked me off for lunch! I could order a meal, and followed her, ordering a snapper. I decided to try the John Dory for my first time! Can you believe it? After so long at sea, eating a lot of fish, I ordered another fish! But it was delicious with little potatoes dripping with a green basil sauce.

 After finishing our carafe of red wine, she took me to the Spa! When the white masked face stared at me, I knew that I was in for shear indulgence!

Fantasies are suppose to come true! I was scrubbed, and rubbed and oiled and foiled…two hours of touch! A female was born again… Carole, thank you for giving me, me…

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Anonymous said...

Wel gedaan J,M,J,M. julle reis is heerlik om te volg. Wanneer kom julle terug vir 'n besoek? Ek's nou in Kaapstad (net 'n week) en my sirkel is voltooi.