Thursday, January 19, 2012

A little bit of New Zealand.

We had to force ourselves out of the house. It was soo good to wake up in a bed, after a good nights` rest, looking out into the garden with the sound of the water fountain. Maybe it was that little bit of water around us, to give us the final peace. Every one of us were just moving around in the house and garden, feeling the textures, smelling the earth and dying leaves, enjoying the space of being by yourselve...

But we had to see a little bit of New Zealand. We visited Johans` cousin and his Russian girl friend, and enjoyed seeing a relative after so long. And we went for a day trip, but we had to promise the boys that we won`t go too far, and will be back home soon. Wederholm Nature Park was beautiful, and we enjoyed walking the forest.

 It is amazing how the walks and trails are so well maintained in all the places we`ve been to. It is absolutely a pleasue being a tourist in New Zealand.

The huge native wood pigeons were enjoying the walk with us. The energy of being is such a wonderful place soon crept into our bones, and I was chasing Marco down the hill! Maungatauhoro was the next park we explored! How do the people get used to these funny names? It is worse than Zulu!

We visited Tahwaranui Park, had lunch in Warkworth, and you won`t believe it, we had fish and chips! Did`t we have enough fish on the sea?

 Matakana, the little town was beautiful, and the wine estates reminded me of the good old Cape. We ended the day in Leigh, and watched the people snorkel in the icy water! By now the boys were anxious  to get home, and after visiting the Bee farm, watching the queen bee rule against the glass, and the workers carrying away the dead and cleaning the place, we headed home!

Johan and Marco ended the tough day on land in the hot bath!

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