Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tonga to New Zealand

It was the Friday afternoon, and our Skipper started getting anxious to go. The weather forecasts didn`t look great, but he just had this feeling that it was time! We hid the streets to do our last bit of Christmas shopping- earphones for the boys, flip flops for the three of us who lost ours to someone in Tahiti, lego`s for Marco and chocolate treats for the rest of us! We found a supermarket which opened a couple of hours earlier, and the people from Tonga were delighted with their first proper supermarket on the island. Among the boxes filled with tinsel, stars and glitter balls, I saw two women, and I heard them speaking Afrikaans! I followed them circling the boxes, just listening to their voices, and when they turned around to leave, I patted the one lady on the shoulder. I greeted her in our language, and she turned around and hugged me and held me as if…. Zetty and her friend with the husband with the airplanes in Tonga emigrated from S.A some years ago, leaving for New Zealand. Zetty and her family ended up in Tonga three years ago, and loves it! I wanted to know how she copes without seeing her loved ones for so long, because I don`t. I wanted to know whether she left a dog behind, and she did! And we were sharing our tears on each shoulder, not making it any better…so far away from just a hug!

But it was time, and we freed the mooring lines. We waved good bye to people we don`t know

It was Friday, and by now, you know that I am super superstitious when it comes to boats….and the crew refused to leave on the journey! Our Skipper knew that he has to keep his crew happy for this last leg to Auckland, NZ. We only sailed to a nearby island, dropped the anchor and enjoyed a drink with Peter on the fore deck!

Midnight struck, and Johan woke us all to lift the anchor! It was Saturday, the 24th of December 2010, and we sailed off. The excitement kept us awake, as well as the choppy seas. Christmas was spent eating the seafood Johan bought on the fish market, laying among the big fish and clams and even a couple of eels.

Andando was rolling around and so was the lemon meringue I tried to bake in the oven. But even through the glass door of the oven we could see the yellow swirling from side to side. Luckily on a boat, even a ‘liquidy’ lemon meringue is still the best X-mas pudding.

The wind was ranging between 18 and 20 knots and Andando was having a great time, while Peter tried out all the spots on her, until he found the most comfortable one!

In between Marco and Peter kept each other busy, and us entertained with card tricks and chess!

Peter had Marco under his magic spell for two days, holding onto my poor child`s head to transfer some magic! And after a hard days sailing Peter tried out a new spot!

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