Friday, January 20, 2012

Good bye to New Zealand!

Richard spoiling us with Champagne Breakfast
 Time to say good bye again! But we leave with a song in our hearts, because we are taking a little bit with of every person we met. From Jennifer, a letter from the heart. From Richard, a dacari promise on Catlyn. From Hannah, their Spaniel, the tender love of a memory.

From Carole, The naughty laughter. From Peter, the sharing of a dream. From Koos and Ann, a family hug. From Cotland Lodge, the warmth of home in a far away land... Thank you to all!

We spend our last days just enjoying a home, but forced ourselves to drive a bit, and to enjoy the beautiful towns, and the green pastures and the volcanic black beaches.
One of the beaches in the Woodhill reserve
 I ended up in the strawberry fields, loving the fresh strawberries.

But we had an appointment with Andando. Our last saying good bye! the reason for us being here. Peter invited all of us, and we spend the evening in her company. But Jennifer treated me on a pedicure,

 because it was time to get me into high heels! I was honoured to wear her moms` sandals, feeling so femine for a change.

Carole brought a whole bag of shoes, and I tried them all on, and they landed all over Andando, smiling with the sweet sexy shoes all over her... thank you to all the special women in my life!

And thank you to all the men, just smiling on our silly fun.

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Janlie said...

daardie swart shoes is pragtig!!!