Sunday, January 15, 2012

Living like normal people !

Okay, what is normal?

For about three years busy with this boat thing, normal changed. We met two people, Jennifer and Richard, and they are the two angels in our lives.

Johan, Richard, Jennifer @ Cotlands Lodge (Their beautiful home)
We shared an evening with a glass of wine in Auckland at the Waterfront, and we shared our lives living on a boat, and we shared their dream to buy a Maverick 400 Catamaran to sail the world! They offered us their home, and they offered us their car, and soon I walked on soft carpets, got my nails dirty in a garden, ate radish out of a veggie garden and saw little rabbits on the lawn.

 I was day walking, up and down the stairs, just exploring the space. I was looking out of the bedroom window over the forest, I was lying in the bath tub smelling the warmth of the rose petals. And this morning I put fresh flowers in a vase…And at night I fall asleep with the sound of the wind in the trees…. For a while this is normal to me!

And I thank you…

Need I tell you about Marco getting up early out of his deep bed, finding the lazy boy in front of the TV, as he surfs the Cable TV, until he gets a warm cup of hot chocolate.....and off course couldn't stay out of the heated pool.

And Joe enjoying the luxury of privacy for a young man, sitting at the pool enjoying his breakfast.

 And Johan, sleeping without worrying, just dozing off, and cooking in the huge kitchen with the burners sizzling!

Every morning we think about exploring this beautiful country, but our world just exists around a house with a garden, a space to live,and a space to breathe!

Cotlands lodge is a 4 acre property close to Orewa Beach, Auckland.

PS.. Welcome to all our new followers!

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