Thursday, January 26, 2012

Big Bear Lake, San Bernardino

After sleeping on top for a change, we were off! Joe was navigating, thank God, and Marco and I were enjoying the scenery. We had to stop at a Wal Mart, not having those in SA. I wasn`t impressed though, compared to our Game.

We were heading east on the highway to an RV park somewhere in San Bernardino. With our big camper we drove high up the San Bernardino Mountains, they were spectacular! After about two hours of climbing the slopes to a height of 7000ft, we passed the romantic Running Springs to find our camp at Fawnskin, next to the Big Bear Lake. This is one of the three most sunniest places in the world, with 300 days of sunshine per year. But do not think it was a warm sunny day… The snow was white on the slopes and the cold was creeping closer! We overnight in Pine Tree RV Park, at the foot of the mountains.

I always said, I do not have any intention going to snowy places. I just do not like the stuffed animal feeling of the thick garb. I do not like to be cold! And when Richard and Jennifer told us they are on their way to a skiing holiday in Japan, I wasn`t the least jealous. After a very cold night in the camper, with Johan putting on the heater every now and then, and me searching for socks, I didn`t change my mind on cold snowy areas. But when we started driving down the road of Big Bear Lake with the snowy mountains surrounding us, and the frozen lake edging the town, something in me changed.

It is the most beautiful little town in the world, with the most beautiful log houses around the lake, and the snow is enveloping the pine trees high up the mountains. Many movies have been made in this little and town and mountains like City of Angels, Last of the Mohigans and I know what you did last summer, and many more.

We stopped next to the Lake, where the fishermen were trying for trout. A man told me that the flavor for the day was some orange stuff and purple stuff and garlic flavor, and he proudly showed me the four trout in his basket!

We spend some time at their shopping mall, with the same characteristic as the town. I would love to come back here one day…

Joe and Marco went to the Moonridge Zoo, and saw the Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Bold Eagle and Timber Wolf, and the gigantic Wood Bison. It was good to see the animals, but they still found it depressing to see these animals locked up in the cages. The animals in this zoo are all ‘rescued’ from people who kept them as pets, or hurt in snares or somewhere in the wild. We also visited the  Big Bear Discovery Centre, mentioned as one of the top things to do, but it was disappointing. Only a couple of poorly stuffed animals and a curious shop was on offer.

Ps. I think I was the only person on the slopes of the white snowy Bear Mountain with polka dot fabric shoes, snuggling in the snow. Carole and Jennifer, my girly friends from New Zealand, I needed some of your shoes desperately. This time without the heels...

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