Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Joshua Tree & Palm Springs

We battled to get the boys off their snow boards, but eventually they were ready for the next adventure!

No expectations! This is our motto since we started sailing Catlyn to places. And every time we were amazingly surprised! We entered the area of the Joshua Tree,

and this strange tree led us to our RV Park for the night. Lazy H was an absolute contrast to Malibu.

 We were bundled among real trailers, with porcelain dogs in their drive ways, and trucks with flat tires, and faded floral curtains and the shower with no tap. But the water was warm and the bathroom clean, and the host all smiles…

We enjoyed the little town the next morning, popping into their Sky Village,

with hidden treasures among the trash, and I found the most beautiful necklace, with a Tibetian stone.

 I left the dream catcher hanging, because no one wanted to try and slip it into our luggage.

Marco enjoyed our next stop at the Robotic Dinosaur Exhibit in Cabazon, searching in the sand for stones, and ending in the big mouth of the T-Rex, while we walked among the life sized dinosaurs imagining how the world was like, when they were roaming.

We drove through the streets of Palm Springs! It is exactly what it says, palms next to the streets, rows and rows of them. We were in an oasis in the desert, green with the waving palms, and we thought about Elvis, and Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope living here some time ago. It is still a paradise for the rich and the famous with the most beautiful little shops and café`s.

We were here for the hot springs! After the snow we soaked and defrosted in the hot tubs of Sam`s Spa and RV Resort.

 A lovely park for the family, after we were turned down at a couple of Adult Parks, where you heat up your ‘whole’ body in the spa`s! Marco collected all the kids and made a good friend, Jarred who was there for the weekend with his grandparents.

I soaked up the heat, got the time to do the laundry quickly and we ended up with a new destination after meeting people in the tub, telling us about Salton Sea! An accountant Layla, a florist Gary and Eddy living close by shared their stories with us and we left them in the tub on our way again.

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