Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Explorer RV

Apollo RV Rentals. We used this website for our booking and paid less than the price quoted on all the individual RV Rental companies own websites. Internet is soooo gooood :

I think it is time to introduce you to our Beast! We had a great time, living in her for a whole month. I think it helped that we are used to living on our Yacht Catlyn, with small spaces. We cooked good food, played card games and monopoly, slept well, and even Johan got used to driving this Beast through challenging roads.

Cost effective? I will give a whole recon on that soon with Johan`s help.

If you do travel with a RV bigger than our 21ft, there are certain restrictions in some Nature Parks, which we weren`t aware of, but luckily it didn`t affect us.

We are inviting you into our home now....

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