Thursday, February 2, 2012

Salton Sea and Parker Dam towards Kingman.

Just before sunset we hooked up our RV at Salton Sea State Recreation Area, Mecca Beach. We were warned about the smell of dead fish sometimes, but not warned about the trains steaming behind us. There was a lot of sea gulls and stately pelicans and all kinds of geese and California quails, like the ones I saw in Auckland, on the lake.

Portions of the sand was strewn with dead fish, manely telapia, but no smell. Even when I picked one up, I couldn`t smell anything. Many species of fish are dying due to the increase in salinity of the sea.

We bought some fire wood and soon the fire was burning high, and we grilled chicken and proper corn dogs like the Americans.

We slept amazingly well, and only early morning did I hear a train, and exactly 07h00 one of them came passsed loudly, to make sure he woke someone up for work or school!

Salton Sea early morning
Parker Dam was the next stop, and we enjoyed the scenic route all the way there.The arid rocky terrain was so beautiful in a strange way with the green alongside the river.

The dam wall wasn`t so impressive, but apparently it is the deepest dam in the world.

The Colorado River impressed me! I know it is just another river, but all the songs dedicated to this river entrigued me.We passed the river and entered Arizona!
Next to the road at some Indian reservation, I fell in love with the most beautiful Indian doll. She was dressed in her suede moccassins and with her black braids, I decided to make space for her in my life and luggage! Who needs clothes?

Havasu Lake with the London Bridge was next.  It was good to see because it was on our way, but it didn`t take my breath away. It was getting late and we found a RV park just down the road, Havasu Falls RV Resort.

This took my breath away. Not because it was so beautiful, but because of all the huge RV`s parked like sardines into this camp. Huge ones with pot plants, garden lights, woven carpets, and each with their own bill board introducing you to the owners of the RV, and a little dog, groomed to the tip of his tail.

The RV Park itself was extremely neat and tidy with a warm water pool at the Club house. We were having a good nights` rest before we go to Kingman tomorrow to meet friends of friends!

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