Sunday, February 5, 2012

Route 66

Infront of the Barber Shop in Seligman

We weren`t on our Harley, wearing our leathers, but with our lumpy RV we enjoyed a part of the Historic Route 66 from Kingman, the heart of Route 66,

 to Oatman, where the not so wild burros and the Cowboys still walk free.

Burros of Oatman
On our way Johan`s foot was just too heavy on the gas, and we glimpsed the first little town, Hackberry, without stopping. We weren`t impressed by him, so he promised to lighten his foot!

Peach Springs
Peach Springs was worth a stop, although all the shops were closed. I enjoyed the Arizona Jail, and could see the drunkard sitting in the corner of this contraption!

 The little town Seligman was beautiful even in the cold, and Elvis had to share his girlfriend with Joe.

 It is an absolute paradise for bikers, and the shops have so many interesting things for them and their bikes. We found the shops more expensive for the same curious than in Kingman and Oatman. The legendary Barber shop, is equipped now with fresh brewing coffee, and we warmed our hands around the cups.

 I can understand why Seligman, 5200ft above sea level, is the birthplace for the Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona.

From here on we could see patches of white snow in the forest, and the excitement grew in the RV! Marco just want to feel soft fluffy snow, and not the hard ice we did before.

While we were driving soft white flakes landed on our windscreen, and Marco wanted to catch one to put under his new microscope(the gift from Richard and Jennifer) to see whether he could see the spectacular formations he only saw on photos. But before we could get it onto his little glass, it melted into nothing.
We slowly drove passed Williams, the gateway to the Grand Canyon, which was a little picture covered in snow. We saw people trying to clear up their drive ways, we saw cars covered in snow.

Flagstaff was the next stop at 6900ft, and by this time the heater in the RV was full blast. We were heading for the shops! I found a thick knee lenght 'ugly' cardigan, and the rest found some tackies! We  were ready with another layer of fabric against the cold!
But no cold or snow could dampen our spirits, we were on our way to one of the Worlds Wonders with a stop over in Sedona!

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