Friday, February 3, 2012

New friends in Kingman!

Excitement filled our home! Today we are going to meet friends of very dear friends! Nick and Sandy with Luke and Emily left South-Africa almost ten years ago, and with it they left great friends, and now we are taking hugs and kisses from them to them...

We enjoyed the older part of the town, with the Power House and the thrift stores and antique shops.

 Marco met an old man in his beautiful antique shop,

and when he asked curiously why Marco wasn`t in school, it was time for the long story. But he also had a lovely story to share. He was a soldier on a Submarine in 1958 to 1963, and soon showed Marco his old photographs. So good to share stories...

The time dragged passed but eventually it was 16h00, and we could go and meet our new friends! We met their lovely neighbour, Renna, and soon she had a RV parked in her garden.

 She hooked us up, and the boys had electricity and internet, and Johan and I had the privilege to sleep in her guest house! Boy, did we enjoy that! Catlyn, our yacht is sparce on privacy but a motorhome...
The boys played Wii and pool, and Marco met his new friend, Luke. Poor Emily had to put up with the boys.

We all got together for dinner at Nick and Sandy, and were soon feasting on the salmon, Nick prepared in his special way. It is the first time I had fresh salmon like that, and I was so glad there was left overs. Renna, joined us with a special bottle of wine for the evening,

From Left : Sandy, Me and Renna
The wine is from an estate in Headsburg, California, in Sonoma country, called Raffaneli, Sinfadel. Apparently it is such an exclusive bottle of wine, that in order to get one, you have to write a letter, and then you will get onto the waiting list, and then you can purchase a bottle... Needless to say I tried very hard to sip it as slow as was really awesome! True to Nick's own words when inviting us after he read my posting about our bargain purchase of some red wine in Los Angeles, and our poverty barbeque: "Believe me I'm gonna bump it up a notch from Argentinian 2 buck chuck!!!".....and they surely did! My red wine taste buds are spoilt for ever!

We had an evening with so much laughter, with the American girl enjoying our South-African humor. Soon they were changing our traveling plans again...
The evening ended too soon with a 'baie d(o)nkie' (thank you) from us, and Renna laughing because she couldn`t understand these South-African people always calling each other, 'asses'!

ps. Just check out Nicks 'biltong' ( dried meet) in his own garage!

Proudly South African

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Nice posting guys!! We miss you already!