Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oatman, a real Cowboy town!

We didn`t get enough of each other, and we decided to stay another day with Nick and Sandy, and Marco was delighted to have a little bit more time with Luke! Sandy was chopping and changing our traveling plans with Johan investigating the map. Luke wanted to take Marco with to his school, but it is America! Who`s going to be responsible for this kid? So Luke and Emily had to go to school, while Nick and Sandy took us to Oatman.
We bundled into their car, and were off to Oatman, the Cowboy Town! What an experience it was. Looking down the slopes, Nick helped us to imagine legendary John Wayne on horseback…

Marco got some donkey food from Sandy, but the bank robber saw him carrying the brown bag, and he was held up at gun point by a bank robber. And I thought South-Africa is dangerous!

It is a real old cowboy town, with men dressed up as cowboys, and donkeys roaming the streets, and salloons with cold beer waiting for us.

The shops are a treat, and this being a part of the historic Route 66, a very popular tourist attraction.

We wittnessed a bank robbery, and a shoot out right there in the street, and two dead cowboys dropping down!

I snooped around all the interesting shops, with Indian craft and jewelry. I found a pair of earrings made by Yellowhammer. He lost a bit of his finger, bitten of by his Navajo wife. Marco found dream catchers for himself and Luke and Emily. We joined in the saloon for a beer and lunch...

The saloon was covered in real dollar notes signed by visitors, and Joe and Marco stapled one to the door in our memory!

We drove off with the donkeys still looking for a nibble in the car…

We said good bye again to friends, but we knew we will be seeing them sometime soon, when Sandy will be a skipper on Catlyn!

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