Sunday, February 12, 2012

Zion National Park, Utah.

Frozen River outside Kanab, Utah
We travel through expanses of arid open spaces, mountains, plateaus and vistas, everything in one day. We drove through the scenic park, paid 85US$, the annual park fee, to visit all the parks, instead of 25US$ per park. The Ranger gave us credit for the already paid 25US$ at Grant Canyon and show us that we can pass on the card to somebody else if we sign only one of the two signature places on the card.

 Because we drove this big RV, we were escorted by a Ranger through the two tunnels, because all the traffic has to wait for an RV to go through a tunnel.

The Grand Canyon was impressive, but Zion is unforgettable. Huge brown and pink and orange with a touch of green mountains, towered above us, weathered away in formations unknown to us.

The mule deer and white tail roamed the mountains on the lookout for the nutritious rice grass. Like the Colorado River is carving away a story in the Grand Canyon, the Virgin River is carving away the mountains of Zion. We parked close by the walking trails, after not being able to walk the walk in the Grand Canyon. It wasn`t so cold and we could enjoy the beauty. My feet just started jogging and soon I was flying with the cold air burning my lungs. Nothing could stop me from running and running through this beautiful place with the mountains on my one side and the river on the other.

We went on the Emerald Pools walk, high up in the mountains for about 8km and ended the day with the Grotto trail for another 2km.

 The water in the pools were a greenish blue, because of the minerals in the water. The lowest pool still had a waterfall, but the other two pools only had a little water seeping through the rocks.

We slept in the Park, next to the river, ending the day with the electronic Monopoly Carole gave Marco in New Zealand. Did you know this Monopoly has credit cards and electronic transfer of your money!

We left Zion way too soon, and could definitely spend another day in this park. We stopped at the little town outside the park, Springdale to admire all the prospectors` gems, exhibited on tables for passersby. We learnt about geodes and the little crystals inside.

We stopped at Laverkin, at the shop, Farmers Market, and bought too much sweet stuff, cinnamon buns and doughnuts and good stuff to ease the cold.

Somewhere along the scenic road we left Utah, and we entered Nevada! Excitement was building up in our RV again for our next destination!

Las Vegas.

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