Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine`s Day!

Taunya said...

Oh wow! Now you are up by my home town. I grew up in Mariposa California. And if you are going through there, you should stop at their little museum, where they will actually let you handle many of the old artifacts.
Are you heading to Oregon at all? We'd love to meet you - we've really enjoyed reading your adventures!

Hi Taunya,
We enjoyed your liitle hometown, but unfortunatley the Museum was closed.
Oregon?  Next time we'll make sure to pop in, and meet you guys. You always know where we are to come say hallo!
Marlene and crew

My Valentine`s Day started waking up in the Mariposa Fairgrounds camping ground. Silly us, thought it is only the name of the RV Camp, only to wake up the next morning among the sheds and exhibit halls and cattle cages! But after quite a walk in the pitch dark, because we were the only lonely RV in the grounds, we found lovely hot showers!

We left Mariposa, meaning butterfly in Spanish, and still had to decide whether we are going to drive back for 100 miles to an Agricultural show, in Tulare, the biggest in the world or carry on. Johan was tempted on going to Tulare, for the sake of my farmer brother in South-Africa, but after flipping a coin, we were heading north!

Coulterville was the next little town inviting us, and I received a cherry chocolate from the girl over the counter. We ended in the most beautiful hotel, Historic Hotel Jeffery,

The doors opened and a fat lazy white cat on the couch just lifted her head very slowly to eye the new guests.

Suddenly we were shoved back to 1851, the estimated date for this hotel. I stood in front of the oldest photo in town, 1899.

The men dressed in their felt hats were hanging around the same counter, polished to a sheen, the one I was leaning on. The brass hooks for the napkins were still there, for the white napkins they used to wipe the froth of the beer from their moustaches.

 It was as if you could still hear their loud laughter, and we decided to stay for a refill coffee and a delicious hamburger and huge flavor onion rings.

We had to see the hotel and the rooms, and when we could phone each other from the old telephones, they nearly had us booking into a hotel room!

I took the photos of the rooms for my friend Anette Burden with her beautiful Lodge Casa Toscana in Pretoria, South Africa.

 Don`t miss out on one of the most historical experiences when you are close by.

The old rooms reminded me of the old town beauty of her place. I wonder if she has a haunted room? Hotel Jefferey has a room 21! A young girl engaged to a young man, hanged herself in this room after her fiancĂ© broke off the engagement. I went into the room, ready to soothe the young girl and to give her good motherly advice, like I am the best, but she wasn`t around…this time. Follow the link to the hotel's Paranormal activity page...

I met Vicky and her lovely staff, and she told Marco not to miss the Jelly Belly factory on our way! She and her husband are also running a motorcycle road tour operation, helping you to a great time on two wheels! Are you ready to ride? Contact them a

A turkey vulture flying above our RV, showed us the way to the next gold rush town, Columbia.

And there we met a family. A very poor family, looking for gold. The poor mother was missing her children so far away, and I could see the pain in her eyes. But I could also see the bend back of the father, trying to make a living shaking the gold pans, looking and hoping for a nugget. And the smug young boy, thinking that he has found the gold, only to let down his little brother with no hope of ever having a Nintendo!

We left them, to live the life they chose, and went exploring the Caverns of Mercer. Mr. Mercer sat underneath a tree, many years ago, and felt a cold breeze coming from the ground, and after investigating he stumbled into the caverns. Marco enjoyed, pretending to be a spelunker, but to me it was quite average!

The rest of the road to Angels Camp, was absolutely beautiful. Angels Camp RV & Camping Resort, Nola Rasberry, the manager, was so wonderful. After being in a RV for so long it felt a little bit like coming home! The boys got a basketball, to shoot at the net.

We threw the horse shoes to the pole…what do you call that game? The restrooms had frilly and girly curtains. The rescued Emu was trying to play with us, and for Valentine, I got a laundrette!

After dinner I bundled all the males, to stay in the camper shedding all their clothes, and I was having a good time, washing and drying all our clothes to freshness! Happy Clean Valentine`s Day to me!

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