Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Seductive Sedona !

I am so glad Nick and Sandy told us over a good bottle of wine about this special place! Sedona is often called ‘Red Rock Country’ and it is exactly what you see and breathe. The incredible array of colors enchants you all the way. Apparently the ranges of red are a result of the iron oxide in water seeping through the sandstone formations.

We arrived late afternoon, and frantically we tried to explore as many of the little shops we could. It is a paradise of psychics, spiritual retreats, health spas and a touch of the Indian legacy available to you! Red ‘chile’ (chilies) strung in ristas hang in the markets,

 while the wooden carved statues of Indians invite you into all the places. These statues were used by the Indians many years ago, to let foreigners know that they are willing to trade!

We walked up to the Chapel of the Holy Cross, built as part of the rocks, and inside I lit a candle for my daughter, with a prayer of wisdom, love and peace…

We followed the colorful little blue and yellow flags, to Amitabha Stupa, and walked three times clockwise around the Stupa, with a prayer in our hearts for our world, our people our friends our family, our children and a prayer for ourselves.

We stopped at Kachina house, a distributer of Native American Art and Artefacts.

 The shop lady took the time and took us through the whole store telling us about all the different kinds of tribes and their own style of art. Never again will Indian art just be art again. I loved the Horsehair pottery, where horse hair is baked into the clay. I loved the little dolls, made for the Indian children, and the grandmother with her rosy cheeks ruling the family! I`ve got the rosy cheeks, so watch it, family!

We ended the wonderful time in Sedona sleeping in the Rancho Sedona RV Park, next to the river, feeling special being able to spend time in this special place!

Joe wrote a poem, inspired by the Indian and the eagle in bronze! Visit the Poems page for that....

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