Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jelly Belly factory

We said good bye to Nola and Angels Camp with fresh smelling clothes, and all the time Marco was on the lookout for the Jelly Belly Factory!

At last we saw the colorful signage, inviting us to the free tour. It is absolutely worth your while, even if you do not have a sweet tooth. Marco will soon tell you about the tour on his pages.

We passed all the beautiful towns, on our way to the Napa Valley, where we fueled up this thirsty Beast.  We met a guy at the, Fairgrounds of Napa, can you believe it? But they were charging such a lot of dollars, and the Camp Host could see our disgust, and guided us to another camping site some miles away. We were off to Tomalis Bay, trusting this guy absolutely. We found Dillan Beach in the dark and entered this camping site, with cattle roaming the ‘ Do not enter’ areas, following a very dodgy road.  We were slightly hysterical, driving around through this area. Trailer Trash, was the first word coming to our minds, just like Geoff Dunham!
Photo taken the next morning

 When we saw the little signage…beware of pick pocketers and loose women….  We knew that this is another story!
Photo taken next morning
 Eventually we found some RV`s parked on the other side and with a sigh of relief we found a spot! Still giggling we fell asleep, to wake up the next morning, eager to explore our vicinity! We were in Tomalis Bay, so beautiful.

And Joe and I walked the other side of the park to the trailers, enjoying the ‘beach houses’ of some.
Marco found some girls who found an abandoned baby seal, and together they waited for the SPCA to come and fetch the little seal, who cried the whole night of hunger.
But I found a Beach House for us…one day…

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