Friday, February 24, 2012

Point Reyes to San Fransisco

I had some post cards to mail, and found a post office at Point Reyes, a lovely little town, with a friendly jeweler, selling a diamond ring to a man, while telling me about his town. The car repair shop, full of oil and grime was being eyed bt the watchful elk horns, and the lady in the saddler shop said ‘hamba kahle’ go well in Zulu, to us!

On our way through National Reyes Seashore we bought oysters and mussels next to the road at Hog Islands Oyster Company, sweet water ones, and Joe and I had to sample different oysters, without black pepper or Tabasco, before breakfast! You have to understand that I am only eating one or maybe two with a push, and Joe only recently started, so this was really testing our taste buds. But after the girl gave me one to sample and another one, while looking at Joe`s smug look, I had to get him to have one too! Thank goodness Johan came to our rescue to sample the rest….

We drove until we found highway 1, and then we saw it! The sea! Home! How we missed it! After three weeks in our RV, it was so good to see the ocean again, and to smell the salty air! It was warm, and we could take off our jackets.

 At last we will be able to take photos of ourselves again. Johan refused to put photos of us on the blog any more….me and my grey jersey and red jacket, him in his yellow or grey sweater, Joe….etc.

San Fransisco!  We had to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge! Too soon it was over, and we were in a big city. We heard over the radio that it was a long weekend, President`s Day, and soon found out that the fees to the RV Parks, increased from 35US$ to 70US$! Luckily the State Parks didn`t increase their fees, and we found a site at New Brighton State Park.

View from our Campsite

We strolled down the beach....

to enjoy a different kind of 'beach houses' than in our previous campsite...

All was forgotten when we munched down on the oysters with black pepper and a chili hot sauce, and the black mussels in a white wine and cream sauce….just the way Johan can make it!

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