Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oak Park, Ventura.

I did found out what is Presidents Day, and it is not with the apostrophe! It is an official holiday, celebrating George Washington the first president of the United States. On this day especially car dealers have a lot of special sales, but even other businesses are doing the same now. It seems like only the RV Parks and the airline tickets increase for his birthday…

Too fast our time was running out!  Oak Park, was where we found a spot, to stay for the night with a big camp fire going. It was so good not to shiver from the cold any more. 

We met Drew, the ranger the next morning with his cheerful voice and heartwarming handshake. When he heard we were from South-Africa, he was thrilled, because they do not get a lot of those around there.

We said goodbye, with a lot of pencils for Marco and stickers, and magazines for Joe and me. He asked me to complete a questionnaire for the County Parks,  which I did, very thoroughly of course, in the Mac Donalds nearby.  Mac Donalds coffee not too bad (not South Africa Wimpy coffee) but wifi for free.

 After travelling for a whole month through three states, camping at RV parks every night, I definitely could come up with a couple of suggestions, and I ended up adding a letter to the questionnaire!
The drive from San Fransisco to Los Angeles was lovely. We drove passed orchids, vineyards and agricultural farms. I could smell the freshly ploughed soil, being prepared for a new year, and it touched the farm girl in me.....and then Hollywood, Beverley Hills, Rodeo street and, and ........... LA at its best !!!

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Anonymous said...


It was truly a pleasure meeting you, Johan and your two sons. I'm so glad that you camped at one of the parks that I patrol. By the way, you referred to the park as "Ventura Park". It's proper name is "Oak Park" and it's located in Simi Valley. It's a Ventura County Parks Department facility. Sounds as if you and the family are having a trip of a lifetime! Thank you for including me in it.
-- Drew