Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dominica, Portsmouth.

Calm before the storm
The pewter clouds were hanging over the bay, and the rain kept pouring down! We heard about floods all around us, and airplanes not being able to land…  The bay was not so protected against the howling winds, and we had to keep a steady eye on our anchor.  We spend most of the time on Catlyn, and it suited our Skipper with his tooth ache! The French dentist with the pretty blue eyes, wanted to do a root canal on his tooth, but Johan opted for a temporary filling. For a couple of days he was still suffering, and I gave him a course of antibiotics for infection, and painkillers. True to who our Skipper is, he searched the Net for answers, and found the old remedy, that suited him perfectly! Rinse your mouth  with a shot of whiskey, keep it in your mouth for as long as you can!  Something worked!

He made us some corn dogs to lift our moods in the grey bay.
Time even rush you by on a boat! Joe was on his way to fetch Marco for some brother time with him, at Sea Cliff Cottages where he was busy working on a promotional video for them.  The two left us on Catlyn, and between you and me, it was awesome, only two people on her! 

 While they explored the inland, walking to waterfalls, and enjoying the red rocks and rain forest, Johan and I spend the day on the black beach close to Catlyn. 

We had lunch at The Purple Turtle, one of quite a few beach restaurants. How many "Purple Turtle" restaurants are there in this world ? Know one in Pacaltsdorp, South Africa - have not been there yet....

We did stray a bit into town for some freshness, and I fell in love with Hansel & Gretels` little house...covered in shells all in pink...

We didn`t want to go too far away from Catlyn, because the steel grey clouds was creeping closer again.  Luckliy we were on her the previous day when one of the monohulls next to us, broke free from her anchor and started drifting at an incredible speed towards a fishing vessel behind us.  The wind gusted up to a speed of 45 knots, and the owners saw their boat from the jetty, jumped into their dinghy and rescued their boat. Not long after that, Catlyn came loose, and we lifted her anchor to drop it again close to the northern side of the bay. Unfortunately it was closer to the very noisy restaurants, playing their music until day break!  At least our Catlyn was safe, although we could hardly sleep with the thundering music! Luckily we played at the swing high up in the palm tree, playing like monkeys and screaming while we swung over the water.  Of course we wanted to go higher and higher, and some of us needed a push! With aching muscles we eventually fell asleep…

Joe with Catlyn in the background

Pushing to new hights

Me....without Photoshopping !

I did not forget to give you a photo of our Skipper on the swing! We looked at the rope and we looked at the bending back of the palm tree, and we realised that our Skipper (or the tree) is better at taking the photos!

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