Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Travalgar Falls, Dominica ! UNESCO world heritage site.

It was starting to rain very softly when we were halfway to land, and the pewter clouds didn`t predict any sun soon, but we have limited time, and today is booked for Trafalgar falls! The four of us flagged down a local bus, squeezed in and were hopefully heading for the falls. 

After speeding on a very wet road, with everyone still assuring us that this is dry season, we were dropped close to the falls. Johan sat in the corner of the taxi, considering his option of turning back, and not facing the drenching rain at that time. But he was out voted and he had to face the rain! 

We found shelter close by and a women was smiling at us,  standing at her little curious stall. `Ponchos!` she said, and it was as if life came flooding back to Johan. Immediately he bought four ponchos to keep the rain out! All smiles we shared our crisps with her, and covered in color we were heading for some more water!

The cute tink crabs, tried to scare us out of their way, and they were all over. We had to walk very carefully not to step onto them, or they would open up their little arms, making sure we behaved like guests in their forest. 

 It was beautiful, and the energy of the freshly washed forest seeped through us!

It is just a pity because of the heat of the steaming hot pools and waterfall, the moisture was thick in the air, and spoiled a lot of photos!  Two tributaries of Rosseau River cascade down into two separate waterfalls, the tall Father fall, 125ft on the one side, and the Mother fall (75ft) on the other, to meet somewhere at the bottom, and Marco and I stood with our feet close to each other, the one in warm water, and the other in cold! 

No wonder this is also a UNESCO world heritage site!

The rain lifted a bit, and we left our ponchos on a bench, for our return, and didn`t worry, because there was no people in sight.

 We climbed the rocks and enjoyed the waterfalls, but it was flooding with the browny water cascading over the edge.

We sat in the yellowy hot pools, and I was tempted to wash my hair! (I actually slipped my shampoo bottle in when I heard about a waterfall, that means fresh water, and lots of it!) Johan persuaded me that the rocks were covered in yellow sulphur, and the water was clean and good to go!  We enjoyed the warm water, washing each others`  hair,  and even our Skipper got a `shampooey` scrub!

We stayed in the pools until we were shriveled, and then we stayed some more, but a couple of tourists started venturing past.  We got out reluctantly and very lazy, and when I passed a women in a pool further up, I saw that she also had a poncho, the orange one just like Marco! But somewhere deep inside me, I knew, and told the boys that this is Marco`s! Joking and laughing all the way back, we reached the little bench with one orange poncho missing!  Charming Joe was too happy to charm the women out of our orange poncho. 

She only thought, that this is such an accommodating place, leaving raincoats for people on a bench,  while they swimming, only to return it on your way back!

We walked back to town, only to be tempted  to lovely sandwiches and fruit punch, at the River Rock Restaurant.

View of the river from the seating area

We were invited to watch a movie at the Anchorage Hotel, by two people on a dinghy, and off we went!  We spend the evening in the company of Thorsten and Laura, www.tigersnail.com

They made a film about their sailing across the Atlantic from Germany, caring for and trying to protect marine life! Inspiring!  We sipped on our rum punch, and enjoyed the evening, sharing a dream with other people.
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