Saturday, May 5, 2012

Goodbye our loved ones!

I have to make this short and sweet, because there is nothing short or sweet about the ache in my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you…
Luhan guarded their luggage all the way to the docks.

They left just like that, in a red taxi, and left me standing on the dock. `Your wife is crying, Sir!` a man said. But Johan knew better and said, `Hmmm, she is going to cry some more…!`

We walked into town, feeling lost, not really knowing what to do.

 We found a lollipop ice cream to fill the emptiness, while walking the one street little town. It is definitely their fashion mecca, with all the shoe shops and `boutiques`.
I also found a man in a house, who cut glass, and he cut a mirror for me, for Joe`s cabin. Twenty EC`s later, and no credit,

I left his premises with the mirror under my arm. Marco found St Lucia flip flops and donated his old ones to someone next to the dustbin.

We walked back to an empty boat, too empty. I washed all the dishes, but couldn`t wash the two glasses the little ones used every day for their pink milkshake. Minjone`s long champagne flute, and Luhans`! 

We watched their airplane with the AA on the tail, drove over the airstrip, past us, and then turned around, only to be lifted up high in the air. They circled us, as if saying goodbye, and we stood on Catlyns` deck, waving, hoping that they will see the little white spot on the ocean!

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