Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hurricane Season

Decision time for sailors!

 While on anchor in Dominica with howling winds, a little bit of the unknown fear crept into my heart.   Hurricane season?  If a little bit of wind (around 45 knots) can rock and roll the boats on anchor in a fairly protected bay, what  will a hurricane with a strength of 120knots do? I did not speak my mind, but being lazy in Guadeloupe,  the whole family felt the same, and it was decided that we will rather play it safe, and go south! 

Early the next morning we did what all of us felt is right, and we started sailing back to Dominica!  As if the wind approved and as if Catlyn knew, she sliced through the big swells,

searching the wind with her sails, and sailed us at an average of 7,5 knots !  I think of all, this is what I will miss the most. Sailing into the unknown! Sailing, and not really knowing what the sea will hold, sailing and not knowing how the wind will blow, just sailing away…

We avoided the fishing traps, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and very soon we picked up a buoy in Rosseau for 10US$.

We couldn`t believe our eyes! Another familiar boat! We picked up the buoy right next to Ercolausa, one of the French families and friends for Marco!  We spotted them on land sitting at a beach bar, and it was amazing to meet them after last seeing them in French Guyana a year ago! They came over to exchange a lot of stories and the kids stayed for dinner and fun with Marco!

Ps.  A follower commented on the bird we met on our way to Panama in the open sea, the predator who stole one of the Finches on our yacht for supper…and identified it as an Osprey! I looked it up on the internet, and indeed it is! Thank you!

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