Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rodney Bay, St Lucia.

Marigot Bay Hotel

The last morning at Marigot Bay, we enjoyed the luxurious beauty  of the swimming pool of just one of the many hotels, Marigot Bay Hotel. The boys enjoyed the bar with the bubbly water while you order a cold drink.

 Another attraction, beside the beautiful marina, is the Dr Doolittle Restaurant, where the very first Dr Doolittle was filmed. 

The sail to Rodney Bay was great! Soon we anchored among some 45 other yachts, in this very protected bay. No wonder the French and the British fought for so many years over this protected bay.  It is quite a noisy bay, with all the restaurants entertaining all the tourists. Americans! This is absolutely their playground, they were basking in the sun on the colorful beach chairs, I think eventually they won the battle!

and Joe found another spot for a hammock,

The floating market came to our yacht early the next morning, because we needed some lettuce, and  he promised to find us some!

 It was wonderful to have the fresh green stuff aboard,

and I was so grateful, I gave the man my christophene, growing from a pip. 

 Maybe one day he will have a tree full of these avocado like fruit, selling it to the yachties.  We enjoyed the white beach,

and the walk to Pigeon Island, to follow in the steps of the pirate, Wooden Leg, or Jambe de Bois!

St Helena Coffee Liqueur at the Fort

At the foot of Pigeon Island, we had cocktails sharing the wonderful atmosphere of this restaurant with all the cats.  I got lost in the reading room, where I could swop my books.

We left for Martinique!

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