Friday, May 18, 2012

Leaving for Guadeloupe

It was Mothers` Day tomorrow, and the two boys came back, from inland, with a surprise for me! Take away Pizza! They know exactly how to make my Mothers` Day special. I received Face book messages from my other kids, and I was a very happy mom!

We lifted the anchor on our way to Guadeloupe on Mother`s day. Catlyn was loving the open sea, and we sailed at great speed towards the next island on the horizon. We sailed close to the land, enjoying the scenery of the islands, although we had to be on the lookout for fish traps all the time. 
Johan made us a Thai stew with crab and fish, and for desert I made a lemon meringue! Guadeloupe is a huge developed island, and again I could see the hand of the French. The roads are well kept, there are lamp post all over, everything neatly organized.  We sailed into Deshaies with the last light of day, and Joe thought he saw Yacht Tika!

The bay is very well protected and very quiet, and we slept well with no pounding music in our ears.  Marco couldn`t wait for the morning to come, so that he could see whether it was Tika in the bay, with his grandmamma and grandpapa from the Sea. And it was! We said good bye to them almost a year ago in Suriname! It was so good to see them again, and we knew that we will be leaving again tomorrow, but  maybe we`ll see them again in Trinidad!

The town is just as lovely with all the curious shops and restaurants and bakeries,

and even a SPAR, like in our country.

 We found some milk and good meat and of course the most delicious baguettes! It was just difficult to keep the boys from breaking bread while walking around in the streets. 

The evening was beautiful with the rainbow overpowering the little town, and we went to bed, to be up and ready to lift the anchor early tomorrow morning!

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