Sunday, May 13, 2012

Portsmouth, Dominica

Early this morning the Barber Shop opened on Catlyn! Johan, our skipper looks spanky new, and Joe also got a trim! Marco kept himself very busy, scared that the scissors will cut his way.  Rinsing down the hair from the deck, we left for Portsmouth, in the north.  We kept close to the shore, with the screecher out, but the wind was so light we took our time.  It is actually lovely to sail close to the land, and I sat with my book watching the little fisherman villages go by.

Portsmouth opened up before us, a big bay filled with a couple of yachts. The flags on the yachts were mainly from France and the USA.  A dedicated guy from the Yacht Services immediately claimed his boat, introducing himself to us as Titus!  A very well organized group of people see to the yachts and every ones needs. We dropped anchor among many yachts,  and watch the sun go down over the bay.

Two grey days were ahead of us, with the rain coming down every now and then, and we were reading and watching movies….and we missed the Old Brown Sherry

of our country to keep the blues away.  When the rain lifted we went for a walk in a quiet town on a Sunday afternoon, just stretching our legs a bit. 

Water was available and I had a big smile on my face! We filled up our tanks and everything I could find, and filled my bath tub….and you can just imagine! Our "Little Wonder Watermaker" is getting a rest...

Clean sheets, clean towels clean everything on Catlyn, and we felt revived again.  Thank you for the power of water, cleaning us inside and out!
Joe was excited! He organized himself a job, staying for free in a guesthouse, while producing a promotional video for them! He left us with a big smile, on his adventure!

Johan had a toothache!  It has been bothering him for months, but now it is interfering with his appetite! He found a dentist at a back of a building, but inside it was neat and tidy, with only an old dentist chair laying upside down in a corner! Tomorrow morning the dentist will be coming in, and hopefully relieve him of his ache!

Photo taken from the Dentist of the Bay

For the first time in a very long time, we were only three people going to bed, and it felt strange! But we were so excited for our Joe!

Wikipedia Link to Portsmouth :,_Dominica

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