Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Martinique, St. Pierre.

Mount Pelee
A romantic little town lies at the foot of an enormous overtowering volcano! Mt. Pelee, is today a lush green mountain, but I could see the shape and the mouth of this monster gaping heavenwards. Hundred and ten years ago, almost to the day, on the 8th of May 1902, this volcano erupted and coughed up a ball of fire, releasing more energy than an atomic bomb, killing 29 933 people! Only two people in this little town survived….Leon Leandre who was in his cellar, and  the famous Cyparis, the murderer in jail, in his stone cell!

We enjoyed a lovely sail, with the wind on the beam and the current pushing us forward, all the way past the Diamond Rock, standing lonely in the ocean.

The British commissioned this rock as a ship, and with a tremendous effort, they  succeeded to put up cannons in the snake infested pinnacle, and roamed the sea for 18 months surprising passing ships. And up to today Martinique is for the French!
We saw false Killer whales today!!! We`ve never seen any before, and were amazed when these black torpedo like fish swam passed us, maybe ten of them!

We dropped anchor in deep waters, about 12 meters,  for a good sleep!,_Martinique

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