Sunday, May 6, 2012

Marigot Bay, St Lucia.

We stayed another day, using the Internet facility to connect with the world, and I cleaned up a bit, moved the boys back to their cabins, but still we couldn`t get used to the emptiness. We realized that we needed a change of scenery soon, and we lifted the anchor for Marigot Bay.

The sail was awesome, and the wind was pumping up to 27 knots and we were having an excellent sail to Marigot Bay. Marco was sailing, standing on a water can, but he enjoyed the thrill of Catlyn`s body moving swiftly through the swells!

We saw a dolphin for a while, and soon dropped anchor in the Bay.

 You can pick up a buoy as well, but we went for the cheaper version. What a beautiful bay! The locals with their fruit or fish or curious were trying to sell them to us every day, some with a good attitude, some not. We bought bananas and mangoes for 15EC, from Santa, a singing guy with his Xmas red hat on!

The snorkeling close to the bay was better than out to sea, with the fans swaying in the current and cup sponges looking like old antique vases in the ocean.

This morning I looked at the locals, with their huge net, more or less at the same spot we were snorkeling yesterday, thinking about the little fish that will be caught in their net, and the beautiful coral and fans damaged by the pull of the net…

Ps. If you like our poem pages, have a look again, Joe wrote a couple… SY Jangles gave us a going away bottle of South-African Raka, and we enjoyed it in the beautiful Marigot Bay!

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