Friday, August 5, 2011

Ile de St. Joseph.

The weather changed and the anchors were fighting to hang on to the mud.  No one slept a lot,   watching the GPS or staring into the night to keep their boats safe.

The whole day the boats were rocking and we went ashore, and so did some of the other yachts.   But our Skipper didn`t want to join us, and stayed on Catlyn, to worried for her to drag.  He assured the other yachts to stay in radio contact if needed.

 Late afternoon  Yacht Ercolausa was moving towards the rocks at an incredible speed.  Why do we sail so slow,   but when a yacht is dragging it happens so quickly?   The two Johans jumped into the dinghy,   and saved the day!  Luckily they could start the engine and keep the boat from going onto the rocks.  After radioing Samuel,   a very relieved crew came onto their boat.  We were thanked with a lovely fish caught fresh from the sea.  They picked up a mooring from the charter catamarans for the night,  and soon we followed them,  for a good nights` sleep.  We will leave the mooring before 9 o`clock the next morning when the catamarans are coming with their tourists.

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