Sunday, August 28, 2011

Albina, Suriname

We were on the move with our wheels!  When we got to our bus the first morning it was waiting for us with a flat tyre, but we didn`t despair. Soon we were on the road again, and what a road. For many kilometers we suffered through a very poor road, with pot holes all over, but we perservered and after many hours we reached Albina.  We passed many villages with little wooden huts close to the river, inhabited by people living very simple lives.  Albina is a very small town on the banks of the Maroni river, on the border between Suriname and French Guyana. Lots of ferries awaited us to take us over the river to Saint Laurent du Maroni and we were back in French Guyana for a while.  We wanted to go to Galibi Beach, but found out that it was another 2 hours by ferry and 80 Euros for the boat. We heard that it is absolutely worth a visit. It is good to plan a sleepover to watch the sea turtles (specific time of year) and stay with the tribes.

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