Sunday, August 7, 2011


The evening we were invited for drinks and snacks to Yacht Grainedo.

 We spent the evening with Tipi punch, the local rum and lime drink, German Beer and enjoyed liver pate on crackers and the French `sausisse seche`, something like salami, but don`t tell the French I said so!

Samuel, from Yacht Ercolausa suddenly couldn`t see the anchor light of his yacht anymore, and suddenly the party was over. The afternoon a new boat arrived, and dropped anchor close to him, and in the strong tide started dragging. The current pushed him onto Ercolausa and together they moved towards the jetty with all the other boats. The men jumped into their dinghies to help. At last they freed the boats from each other to seek safe anchorage for the night. Everyone tried to get some sleep, and had to wait till morning to assess the damages.

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