Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brownsberg, Suriname

We decided to plan a little better, and studied the numerous multi-language brochures.  At the tourist office in Paramaribo, close to Fort Zeelandia, you can get a brochure in the language of your choice, and even a promotional CD to inform you about major attractions in Suriname!  What a difference after suffering through the French brochures in French Guyana! We decided to go to Brownsberg, but wasn`t warned about the poor condition of the road up the mountain. You definitely need a 4 x 4. Although the road was a challenge, it is unbelievably beautiful and worth the suffering. We spend the day walking in the jungle on the numerous trails, and cooled down in the Waterfall, Irene. This waterfall is the most beautiful of the three.

We arranged with the chef to prepare a buffet meal for us before we left for the jungle and on our return a feast waited for us, a table laden with den fooden.  Eight hungry people devoured the food for only 5 Euros per person!  As promised by our chef, we couldn`t finish all, but we gave it a good try! Bon appetite… See below a plate with some of the prepared dishes.

                                                    The best meal in Suriname
Restaurant up in the mountain
Filled to the brim, we started our journey down the mountain. They invited us to stay, for about 7 Euros per person, but none of us brought a tooth brush. If I go up that road again, I will enjoy their hospitality and set up my hammock in one of the bungalows. The trip down the mountain wasn`t as easy as I thought, and after rolling around in the bus, our girls were starting to think about walking to lift the weight and the nervous giggles in the bus. Before we could do that, the bus came to a halt with a hissing sound, when the front port side tire bursted against a sharp rock on the side.
                              Our 1st puncture of the day, the 2nd was less fun
Now it was time for walking, and I think the men were relieved. Marco decide to chaperone us , and we were glad because it was getting dark and the noise of the jungle was quite intense. After a lot of kilometers, we started to worry about the bus not catching up on us.  A car with 4 unknown people came by, and they informed us that the bus got another busted tire, and the men are stuck somewhere up the road. Fun and games!  The men send this car with the message and the boats` keys to us, to go back to Domburg, and they`ll spend the night in the jungle and will make a plan in the morning. Seven people bundled up in the car, and Marco went to the men with Joe, who ran all the way with the message!  Marco decided that he is not going to lose out on a night with his Dad and brother in a jungle!  Off we went! The men clearly forgot who they were dealing with, and at the next village with a fuel pump and a little shop, we started looking for a tire!  With the wonderful help of Peter, with his car, and his very patient friends in his car, we found two tires close by and someone to fix it for us! Again we were surrounded by so many angels, opening up their workshop on a Sunday night, with the doves sitting above us, sleeping and every now and then dropping a `bomb` but no one seemed to notice. Peter fetched the busted tires for the rims and our men were smiling. We bought 2 tires for 30 Euros(150 SRD) and it was so cheap I felt like buying 5! Soon Peter delivered the new tires up the mountain, and we were united again in the silver bus, with new friendships made. Thank you to all the people…

Exhausted we started the journey back to Domburg, about 2 and a half hours to go! We drove pass a caiman next to the road,  saw a monstrous huge snake crossing the road, but all of us were spent after an adventurous day! We reached the yachts at 01h00 and struggled to wash down the red clay from our bodies, before we could crawl into our beds.

Put Brownsberg on your list! Go with a reliable 4 x 4, and pack an overnight bag for a great time! Put your hammock and mozzie net in as well, and go and enjoy the hospitality and delicious food on the mountain!  Contact them if you want to, we didn`t, we just pitched! .

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