Saturday, August 27, 2011


Accompanied by about 7 yachts, we enjoyed being anchored at Domburg.  The anchorage is good and the current is not strong at all, so we sleep well, not worrying about dragging. Due to the depth of about 10 meter the water is also clean and not muddy. Together with Yacht Tika and Yacht Out of Africa, we decided to rent a car. The men visited Compa `Car Rental`, and was surprised to find a vehicle able to drive off!  They were surrounded by wrecks and it looked more like a car cemetery. Rolf  (Yacht Tika) remarked in his dry sense of humor:  `Maybe we choose one, and then they`ll assemble it!` We got our wheels! A silver Toyota, 4 by 4 with 8 seats for 30 Euros a day, unlimited mileage included all risk insurance. The African Taxis will envy us.

 We spend the afternoon in Paramaribo, enjoying the markets and shops and we curiously walked through the magical `voodoo` market.

We visited Fort Zeelandia, built by the Dutch, a blueprint of the Castle in Cape Town.

 Lunch was a highlight, and we found very good food at very good prices at De Waterkant.

 We ended our day at a bar with local music and local Parbo beer.  A local guest was so enchanted by our spirits, and after finishing his Johnnie Walker bottle, he walked up to us, and bought us another liter of Parbo, and welcomed us to Suriname!

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dmmbruce said...

How, and why, did you find Domberg?

I can see why you would stop at a big centre like the main city on a big estuary with good shelter. But then, somehow, you know to go miles upstream to a place with nothing, apparently!

Puzzled - and fascinated!

Thanks for the posting once again, I look every day. :-)