Sunday, August 7, 2011

Budget Car Rental

Today we have to return our silver little Huyndai, and I wanted to do a last bit of shopping. When we got to the car, we got a surprise. Our little back window was smashed. Luckily we left nothing inside, coming from South Africa. To the Police we went to report this, and then to Budget. We had insurance of 12 Euros a day and were hoping for the best. But of course the Budget Rental Car, Kourou do have a first payment and for glass irrespective of size it is 300 Euros! I was so close to tears! In a foreign country with a foreign language in times like this, I miss home… The owner, a very good man made an arrangement with us to only deduct the true expense for the little glass...that to be find out only the next day. Rental cars do have huge risks with small prints etc. Maybe in the long run taxis is much cheaper and with limited risks....time will tell.

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