Friday, August 5, 2011

Ille de St Joseph

Another island to explore!  John and Joanne from the SA yacht,   Out of Africa,   joined us for the walk.  I needed more cocos.  They are on the ground,   and we learnt to shake them.  If they make a gluck-gluck sound you know that the coco inside is good to eat.

The most beautiful cemetery is on this island.  No convicts were buried here of course,   they were dumped in the sea,   but the staff and their families were put to rest here.  And what a place to rest!  I could still read a couple of tomb stones,   a mother and her baby who died after the baby was one day old,   and buried right next to each other.  I wondered what went wrong during the birth?  A young women,   29 years old,   who died.  All the death dates were around the 1830`s and 1850`s.

Marco and his friends had fun!  John and Samuel pulled them on their body boards with their dinghies. 

 We barbequed on the beach,   while the kids kicked a ball chasing the big rats.

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