Friday, August 26, 2011

Suriname River Entrance

We entered the well-lit channel of the river with the black clouds still hanging over us. We had to wait for the storm to subside, the thunder and lightning still playing around in the clouds.We decided to anchor just off the channel, avoiding the big cargo ships for some sleep.
We woke after a restless night, lifting the anchor as soon as the tide changed. Yacht Out of Africa spend  the night with us on anchor, and Yacht Tika came along the channel this morning. Three yachts were sailing down a very busy river, with the huge tankers and barges and cargo ships passing by. Every time I see these monstrous boats in these wide rivers, I am still amazed.

We sailed under the impressive Wijdenboschbridge and passed the  Goslar, the German ship, which was sunk the night of May 11, 1940 by the crew to prevent the ship from falling into the hands of the Allies.The coal inside the ship was stowed to one side of the ship in advance so that the ship turned on its side immediately. They opened the hatch under the ship and the ship started to sink slowly.

About 4 hours later we anchored at Domburg, in 10m of brown water.  It was easy to sail the channel into the river, with no debris or dirt, and we enjoyed the beautiful houses on the banks of the river. As soon as everyone was settled, John from yacht Out of Africa, our party planner arranged us for dinner on land.  We met At and Dia (Yacht Angelique 2) again, and enjoyed dinner and drinks for much cheaper than Brazil and especially French Guyana !  We all went to bed early for a good nights` rest!

Rita's Eethuis - a popular meeting place Domburg.

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