Sunday, August 7, 2011

Zoo de Guyana

 I washed yesterday and I washed this morning with my little machine!  Of course it is good and great and washes beautifully, anything is better than my hands! My Skipper is also not complaining too much, because it is using only 15 Amps for a short period, and I am still recycling water! Life is good!

We still had the car and has to get the moneys` worth, and we were off to the Cayenne Zoo! (Adults R150, children R90 entrance fee). The zoo is very well kept and the animals in good condition. We saw the anaconda, caiman, tigers, puma, lots of birds and monkeys and a sloth high up in a tree. The tapier entertained us, eating the dried leaves through the fence, sniffing our hands, showing his yellow teeth.

A thunderstorm came down in buckets! The rain was soaking our clothes, but we couldn`t leave. The animals, touched by Nature in their cages, went wild! They screamed and jumped and bathed in whatever water collected in poodles in their cages, and stretched their feathers, and we stood in awe. We could feel the energy of Nature flowing through the animals into our bodies and soon we were laughing  and giggling and hugging each other, all part of the Animal Kingdom!

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