Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ariane Rocket Launch

Link to a news article about the launch of Rocket

Excitement filled the air! Last night the launch was cancelled due to atmospheric winds, and we were all ready to try again tonight. Everyone got together at the jetty with picnic baskets to walk on the beach and witness this event. Johan and I stayed on Catlyn to keep an eye on her and all the other boats.  Catlyn dragged a bit today, so rather safe than sorry. We settled on the fore deck, with a bottle of French wine, compliments of Claud and Rolf from Yacht Tika.  But after an hour there was still no sign of the rocket, and I could just imagine Marcos` disappointment. We were about to totally give up hope, when Johan heard an unusual sound, and the next moment the sky lit up in a bright light yellow. It felt like I couldn`t breathe, I couldn`t believe this manmade miracle was happening right in front of my eyes! The rocket went up, and we could see the ball of fire, and then the two boosters left the rocket, burning in the atmosphere, and another satellite went into orbit. From now on every time I see a satellite, I will wonder, is that the one I saw?

Ps. We are on our way to Suriname! So see you soon!

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