Monday, August 8, 2011

There are fresh produce markets every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. We found aubergines, long Chinese green beans, bananas and limes. The potatoes still didn`t look too good and we decided to rather buy 2,5kg of frozen French fries for 4,5Euros.  A bargain compared to the spotty brown potatoes for 3,5Euros to 4,5Euros per kilo!

 It was party time!  We invited all anchored around us for Punch and Snacks aboard Catlyn!  I loved it! It gave me the opportunity to light my long candles in the candle sticks, candles in my lanterns, and peanuts in my pewter flip flop.  All came and at the last minute we invited the new yacht Pinnochio from Switzerland too. Catlyn hosted 23 yachties, snacking away on baguettes with spare rib spread and ratatouille. Eight little people played together while Joe served his fruit punch with Rhum Agricole de Guyane, and the night filled with shared stories and laughter.

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