Friday, August 19, 2011

Leader Price a French Store in Kourou

We thought we were leaving, but alas.  Early morning we took the dinghy to the bridge in the river, and walked ashore to Customs, to stamp us out of French territory. A friendly Captain of the Coast Guard helped us in broken English, so we could be on our way. Leader Price was just around a long corner, and John and Jo-Anne from Yacht Out of Africa joined us for last minute shopping. At the cashier, our cash card was declined, and our master and visa cards. Jo-Anne was sure she has money in her bank, and offered to pay. But even her card was declined and we left empty handed!
Early the next morning before the tide turned we went to the Internet, to say good bye to the kids at home, and Johan checked the banks. Oh no!  All the transactions went through! The battle started in French!  Veronique, Yacht Granedo, came to our rescue and fought our battle with Leader Price. From their side, we received very little understanding, and after two days we decided to contact our Banks in SA.  How wonderful it was to phone home and have our own people to assist us so professionally.

We left Kourou only on Tuesday morning to anchor at Salvation Islands, for a good swim and scrub. Catlyn's menopausal beard was growing, and the barnacles loved the softness of her belly. 

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